Excavator Track Group# Track Shoe Assembly# B ulldozer Track Group # Track Link Assy With Track Shoe

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The track group is composed of track link, track shoe, track bolt&nut, track pin and track bush, our factory can offer track group which pitch ranging is from 90mm to 260mm, the pitch of 90mm and 101.6mm track group have two kinds for you choose, one is welding kind, another one is bolt kind, beside, we also can produce off-centre crawler track assembly.

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Track Group/Track Shoe Assembly/Track Link Assy With Shoe





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24 months







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Excavator/Bulldozer/Crawler Crane

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Within 1-30working days


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Product Description

Crawler is a common walking part of construction machinery, and it is also one of the main components that are easy to wear out of excavators and bulldozers. As we all know, the more easy to wear out the components, the more reasonable use and scientific operation can effectively extend the service life of the crawler.
We need avoid track unilateral wear.
In normal operation, due to the influence of hand operation habits or working environment, it is easy to cause unilateral wear of the track. In addition to trying to avoid it during normal operation, it can also change the position at regular intervals to reduce excessive wear on one side.When the conditions are not allowed or serious wear has occurred on the driving wheel of the sprocket and track of excavator and dozer, the left and right crawlers can be stopped and removed, and the crawler side replacement method of the excavator parts with different positions is used to reduce the excessive loss of the crawler.


The track shoe has been heat treatment, which ensures its wearproof.
The track link has been done the medium-frequency hardening treatment, which ensures its highest strength and abrasion resistance.
The pin is done the tempering and the surface medium-frequency quenching treatment, which ensures the sufficient hardness of core and abrasion resistance of external sunaces.
The bush is done the carbonization and the surface medium-frequency quenching treatment, which ensures the reasonable hardness of core and abrasion resistance of internal and external surfaces.

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